Day Eleven

Day 11 #isolationcreation 

Thread of life connecting us all, how defenseless we are with out each other 💜 -

I woke up today and tugged at my dry cracked skin from washing my hands so much the past few weeks. I should photograph my hands, I thought. As the day unfolded itself to me, I discovered my friend @behidadolic had started an online campaign to have me sell prints as a way to off set my canceled New York show. The community outpouring of support made me feel so thankful that as an artist I not only have people to share my work, my heart, with but also my fears. I felt connected to others even in a moment of isolation. Newly uplifted and empowered I washed my hands one more time, slathered on 15 layers of skin balm and created this photograph of us all.

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