Day Forty-three

Day 43 #isolationcreation ⠀

Eloise is learning words greater than mama and dada. We are working with “Ball” “cookie” “shoes” “hot?” “cat” “cheese” “downstairs” which comes out “don-don” and “beautiful” which translates into “bue-tah”⠀

She points to flowers in nature and says “Mama”. She saw flowers on her blanket and said “Mama”. I can’t help but associate all this time we are spending together as a gift of getting to know each other in a profoundly deeper way. Every day she sees me pining over the details of nature’s eye candy, together we bury our noises in her perfume and she knows that a fallen petal has its place in the greater picture we are creating. ⠀

Here is a single peony for my Eloise 💕