Rose Month Day Thirty-one Poster

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Rose Month Day 31: The Provençal Way

I have learned so much about the South of France this #RoseMonth, but creating this photograph took a great love of Provence and enriched it in ways that are, honestly, difficult to put into words. You see, I live in the air and light of this land. I drink the wine and taste the food, but until yesterday I had never stepped into the cultural history of Provence to learn the stories of craftsmanship carried in these garments that to this day define this region of France.

So here we are in the art of dressing for men and women in the 1840s come back to life, self-photographed in an original photography studio from the late 19th century, with roses cut from the garden just outside those windows. Maybe I have reached my photographic dreams… it can’t get better than this. 

It took 30 minutes and 13 layers to create this look which I documented in stories!

This was an incredible honor. Endless thanks to @fragonardparfumeurofficiel for inviting me to experience and enrich my Provençal knowledge and for so beautifully preserving, sharing, and celebrating it! Fragonard’s costume museum is not to be missed if you love fashion and Provence as I do!

My talented friend, @_clementt_, thank you for dressing me so beautifully and for sharing your incredible fashion knowledge. I loved every second with you.

Thank you @leliontailleur for posing with me, it was wonderful fun 

#RoseMonth historically speaking

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