Rose Month Gallery Exhibition

L’Atelier Polychrome and photographer Jamie Beck present Roses de Mai 24 September- 29 October

Vernissage (Opening Reception) Friday, September 23, 2022

Photographer Jamie Beck’s Rose de Mai, a collection of 17 photographic works from 32 days, transports you through the wonder of Provence to an ageless celebration of life on earth, the rose. The show displays some never-before-seen images that have been chosen and printed as one-of-a-kind fine art masterworks and mini-masterworks. The artist uses the approach of a painter, only making available only one unique final masterwork to be collected of any particular image. The fine art photographs are printed on special pressed bamboo fiber watercolor paper, signed and embossed on the front left of the art piece. Using frames handcrafted in France by artisan framer Gault and assembled in Aix-en-Provence by Atelier Polychrome these original pieces will be on display to the public from September 24, 2022 to October 29, 2022 and are available for purchase.

It is the hope of the artist that when you view this ensemble of photographic works that you feel the joy that is expressed in Provence come May when the roses charm even the most reluctant of souls. A mix of still lives, self portraits, landscapes and conceptual artworks Beck set out to create one image per day during the month of May. From the rose harvest in Grasse, a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, to a special garden tour around the Rose Abbaye Valsaintes, to a vintage Renault 4L overflowing with wild garden roses into the cobblestone streets of a Provençal village, foraging the rows of roses at the vineyard of Chateau de Mille and even cutting roses grown in the artist’s own walled garden to create this most joyous of collections.

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