Rose Month Day Thirty-two Poster

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Rose Month Day 32: Finale!

Au revoir Rose Month! What an amazing adventure this has been every day waking up and discovering roses together. From an ancient abbey, to Grasse, to châteaux dotting the provencal landscape–it has been a thrill hunting and sharing this beautiful world with you all. Thank you for following along, how marvelous it was to bask in the endless blooms of Provence in May together.

I end this series today where it all began for me, in the tiny and unbelievably fairytale village of Lacoste. It was here, on a job photographing @scadlacoste so many years ago, I first fell in love with Provence. The love has yet to fade, in fact, the journey is still just beginning as we drive off into the sunset in a car packed with roses.

Special thanks to my very talented floral designer friend @Helen.puillandre for building my dream car and to my main amie @lbattestin for getting the team together to get this vintage Provençal 4L up the tiniest, steepest, cobblestone street in Lacoste!

Alternative caption provided by this photograph’s “hand model extraordinaire” @kevinburg- “Get in loser, we have a car full of roses on the way to heaven”

It has been heavenly, hasn’t it?

#RoseMonth adieu

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