Day Sixty-one Poster

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Day 61 #isolationcreation ⠀

Today, we start 2nd confinement, lockdown, in France. I knew it was a possibility, that it was coming, but it’s still strangely shocking that this is the life we live now. One where the fragility of our humanity, our economies, our freedoms are constantly being tested. Everything I thought was forever is not and I fear the long term damages to come from this unprecedented year. Is life as we knew it over? It was always unsustainable anyway, but what comes next? My hope is for a better world, but in the storm it’s so hard to see blue skies ahead. ⠀

I’ve had the past few days to think about what I am going to do. The choices we make in life bear consequences, and is what defines each of our lives more than anything. I love photography. It is all I want to do with my day, every day. It brings me pure joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. It feels wonderfully positive, a positive I can control, in a world seemingly in chaos. To make the commitment again to create every day is not easy. I can not hide from success or failure, it has both and that is uncomfortable. This time of year, there are no flowers. What will I shoot? There is not a lot of light. How will I see? I don’t know... ⠀

But here are two things I do know. Right now, my heart is hurting and art is healing. From masterpieces to scribbles on crayon, creating is good for the soul. The second is, I’m scared. I’m scared I don’t know what I’ll shoot. I’m scared I’ll make bad photographs because Provence will be sleeping around me and inspiration is hard to find. But it is because I’m scared that I have to confront it. I have to see what I can do with nothing. I have to find out, what am I made of. It will be more difficult than anything I’ve ever done but when this is all over my heart will be light. I’ll have grown as an artist and hopefully, god willing, made a few decent photographs along the way. ⠀

So, I guess, here we go again. Day 61 #isolationcreationpartdeux continued... ⠀

Will you join me?
{outfit by independent female designer @christinealcalay}

Technical information:

Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper.

Paper Size: 18 x 24 inches
Photographic portion: 16.1 x 18.5 inches
Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²)
Giclée printing quality
Opacity: 94%

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