Rose Month Day Nine Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 9: Golden Memories

I grew up in Texas and my father would always give me yellow roses on special occasions, the “Yellow Rose of Texas” if you will. For some reason this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about those memories. What a simple and lasting thing, after all, giving someone flowers can have. Thank you Dad for making me feel so special 💛

I asked around if anyone had seen ‘Texas-sized’ yellow roses growing and through a community phone tree, this afternoon I got a message from @appy_corner with a pic of a bouquet comprised of these stunning yellow roses. “I AM COMING!” I messaged back. When I arrived, she laughed and said “you’re crazy” in her cute French accent. Yes, yes I am crazy— for roses! 💛💛💛

Thank you @appy_corner
{Lemon peony & Lily of the Valley from my village Saturday market vendor, yellow tulip from @terreduluberon84 😊}

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