Rose Month Day Nineteen Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 19: Color!

I walked through the rose garden with my new friend (and idol) @constancemslaughter, I don’t know why I didn’t ask her “why roses?” I guess to me it’s so obvious WHY that one not need to ask. Though I’m sure Constance would have a beguiling answer. What I love most about her rose garden is the endless variety. Changes in size, texture, density, shape, abundance, and perhaps most importantly—color. I told her, “Constance! This gives me an idea. I want to do everything neutral and then have an explosion of roses in all your colors!” She laughed and say OK, showing where her garden basket is and leaving a note to cut as many as I’d like. It’s hard to put into words today the joy I felt touching color, building a set, foraging a garden, and doing photography alone in nature. It is the same comforting sensation as a delish meal….and anyway, you know what they say—variety is the spice of life 💐

Thank you @constancemslaughter of @chateau_de_mille 🌹❤️

#RoseMonth 🌈

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