How our gift cards work

Gift cards to are designed to cover the taxes and shipping for posters, for example the $60 gift card will be enough for your recipient to place the order themselves without needing to enter payment information. 

** There are a few countries where shipping costs are higher than average and might cause the final price to exceed $60 USD, such as Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland — but we are working to solve this.

After you purchase the gift card

When you order a gift card you will receive an email like this:

When you click "View your gift card" you are taken to a page with the gift card code. You can send this page to your loved one or print it and give to them. The gift card page looks like this:

Scheduling the gift card

You may also click "Send to recipient" in the email and use our form to enter your loved one's email address and even schedule when to send the gift card to them.


Email and we will help you.