Artist Statement

Jamie Beck in her studioAs my professional work and income disappeared overnight I found myself at home with only one thing - my creativity.  My life was put on pause, or was it? Amidst the fear and turmoil of a government-mandated lockdown- and, like never before - I felt an urge to dance with creativity. For each of the 60 days I created in isolation I was faced with limitations - limitations of movement, access, subject matter, light, my own abilities, my own mental will. The series is bound by constraints, defined by them, but it is through limitations that I discovered a world of splendor. As I gazed each morning outside my windowpane, I was forced to be completely open to what that day had to offer and how I was going to capture it through photography.

These photographic works are a testament to a creative truth even Leonardo Da Vinci recognized, "Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom". I chose to turn off all the noise of a world thrown into chaos and use the restrictions placed upon me during a global pandemic as a way to flourish creatively. By embracing these constraints I was able to clearly focus on the beauty and purity of this moment in time.  In the end, nothing can stop the flowers in spring from blooming nor inhibit my curiosity to capture life through a photographic lens.  It's all in the way one chooses to see. 

Of the 60 photographic works, 22 have been selected for limited editions, printed  in Provence in a series of three on environmental Hahnemühle archival bamboo-fibre fine art watercolor paper. One in each series will be offered as a complete Masterwork using handmade frames chosen by the artist with heritage French framer Les Cadres Gault finishing with museum quality glass.

The complete works are all handmade in France.

The exhibition will run at Galerie Motu in Aix-en-Provence October 15 to November 30.

Show: Framed Masterworks | Fine Art Prints | All