#ISOLATIONCREATIONPARTDEUX Masterwork Gallery Exhibition

Artist Statement

Jamie Beck in her studioIn the autumn of 2020, amidst France’s second government-mandated lockdown, I found myself again stuck at home with only one thing - my creativity. I had been here before, in spring, where in my studio I created photographs 60 days in a row in isolation. It is a mental, physical, and emotional challenge to create amongst such limitations, such uncertainty. Limitations of movement, access, subject matter, light and my own abilities. As during the first lockdown, this second set of photographs is also bound by constraints, and defined by them. This time around I was fearful not of the virus but of losing the light. As the autumn days passed, the sun disappeared along with the falling leaves. There would be no flowers in late autumn. My studio, without heat, would be freezing. Many times while creating I found my hands shaking. I could barely write the love letter I’m holding in “Day Ninety-Three.” My bones were so cold, that all warmth would have to bloom from inside of me long enough to hold still during my long exposures. I had to, in every sense of the meaning, breathe life into these photographs. There were moments of surprise splendor — the roses that came in November from painter and fellow artist Anthony Ramos’s garden, for example. I was so moved by their beauty I reinterpreted them in different photographs until they literally fell apart on my mantle. A box of ball gowns showed up, and in my memory since then, I realize they helped me escape into a fairy tale, to escape the strangeness of our new-formed reality. Mushrooms and squash came from the earth and found their way into my work. For the 48 days I spent in isolation I danced alone with creativity.

These photographic works are a testament to a creative truth even Leonardo Da Vinci recognized, "Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom". I chose to turn off all the noise of a world thrown into chaos and use the restrictions placed upon me during a global pandemic as a way to flourish creatively. By embracing these constraints I was able to clearly focus on the beauty and purity of this moment in time. In the end, nothing can stop the autumn leaves from turning nor inhibit my curiosity to capture life through a photographic lens. It's all in the way one chooses to see.

Of the 48 photographic works, 18 have been selected for one-of-a-kind only Masterworks, printed on environmentally friendly Hahnemühle archival bamboo-fibre fine art watercolor paper, and using individually handmade custom frames chosen by myself along with heritage French framer Les Cadres Gault. Finished with museum quality anti-glare glass. 100% Made in France.

The exhibition will run at Maison Suet in Apt, France from September to October 29th.