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Pop, lock, and socket 🎵

Introducing the Jamie Beck PopGrip a way to adorn your phone case with beauty and function. The PopGrip can help you have better control while texting, taking photos or serving as media stand while you watch my latest reels on Instagram.

The perfect addition to any phone case- you can choose from 4 designs. Not only that, but their design allows for you to swap out the top image without having to remove the whole PopGrip. We even designed a butterfly to add (like I do as the final touch in my still lives). Any way you dress it, your phone case will be a work of art.


  • Swappable with other designs 
  • Better phone grip
  • Easy to remove grip from mount 
  • Use as a media stand 

Recommended Pairing:

Note: Popsockets can interfere with iPhone MagSafe charging. Paired with our snap case charging still works, but will not securely hold onto the phone. Paired with a tough case, MagSafe charging is not compatible.

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