Drops of Provence Paperweight Set — Poppies

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If Drops of Provence could fall into your world like morning dew across the landscape...

We created crystal paperweight sets as an objet d'art for your home in moments when you wish to escape into another world, a world in the South of France. Each crystal paperweight set encaptures within a large drop a sea of seasonal Provencal flowers with a mini accompanying detailed drop that discovers the wildlife that inhabits, and pollinates, that particular flower. 

Using a special silver-lined photographic paper, our Drops of Provence illuminate and glow with the light making it visible at all angles, not just from above. 

Photographed seasonally, choose between spring poppies, summer lavender, or autumn cosmos



  • One 80mm crystal paperweight
  • One 60mm crystal paperweight
  • Reusable box and recyclable protective insert

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