Framed Ranunculus #8 • Darkroom Print

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ONE-OF-A-KIND Art to last forever! Give her a bouquet for her wall...

I only created one of these for display at my event in Los Angeles! The photograph is printed by myself and framed by hand with real silver pieces in the frame by an artisan in Provence.


Limited Edition Darkroom Print

This is a limited edition fiber print of a simple bouquet of flowers, photographed in the afternoon light of Provence in the South of France. Shot on 4×5 black and white film, this image was hand-processed, printed and pressed by the artist.

We believe if you take away the color of a photograph, what you are left with is the life it represents. In “Ranunculus #8” the delicate bouquet was captured at different stages of bloom and in an array of colors wrapped around each other as a representation of all ages and races of humanity. The past year was uneasy and sometimes heartbreaking for many around the world and this photograph represents 2016 as a reminder that we are more beautiful when we all come together. The falling petals are the tears we may have shed but are caught by another in an act of love. We hope you join us in our belief that it is the differences in us that make life an endless gift of discovery and enriching beauty to be celebrated.

Technical Information

5x7 fiber-based, museum quality, archival paper with an image printed by the artist at 4.25inches x 5.5inches 



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