Rose Month Day One Small Poster

Rose Month Day One Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 1: Bouquet of Whites

It’s May 1st in France. Everywhere you turn petite bouquets of Lily of the Valley are for sale, handed between friends, given to grandparents, left on neighboring door steps as a token of love and luck. These tiny little bells of a flower are like everything in France, rich in history and tradition.

On this new day of May we also say hello to the first of the garden roses that dance with spring’s irises, the last of the fruit buds, and wild foraged lilacs.

I’m finished with the book (lol, well, I hope) and now I just want to play. For the month of May I will create one photograph a day using roses—the ones I grow, the ones I find, the ones I receive, and the ones that teach more just a bit more about the wonder of France. Just for fun, just because I love the May rose most.

Always building and sharing in stories 🤍🤍🤍🤍 it’s going to be a good (creative!) month 🥰🌹

Share your roses with me! Let’s GROW together 👉🏻 #RoseMonth