Rose Month Day Seven Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 7: La Vie en Rose

Is this a dream? I had the best day today. I went to the market with Eloise. She chose the fig cheese which Clément agreed with. The veggie seller gave me some wild ramps as a gift along with some tips on French childcare. I bought these tiny wax flowers and a scoop of strawberry ice-cream from @une_glace_en_luberon for Eloise before popping into the studio of American artist @williamruller. The day carried us on to a lunch break at @cafelesvalseuses where we ran into the local artist @instamambo. It’s all so quaint, everyone knows everyone, and suddenly I feel like family in this sweet and special community.

I came home and created this photograph with pink roses from @larrosoirparis and Provence peonies from @terreduluberon84 before heading to dinner up the hill in Saignon (omg the irises in stories at sunset!!!!!!). I told Kevin, “this is my dream life.” The market, the community, flowers everyday, making something, a daughter who seems to be interested in similar things (according to her my studio is now HER studio)

It is all quite simple, and really small, this life, but I love it. And this is exactly the picture I paint in my mind when I hear “La Vie en Rose” 💞

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