Rose Month Day Six Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 6: Parisian Pink with a kiss of hope

Why am I shooting roses every day? It’s really quite simple—they make me happy! The joy I feel when I see a rose on my studio mantle, in my garden, climbing up village walls, or delivered from a florist friend in Paris (@larrosoirparis) in a bulk potato chip box (what makes this even funnier is the flavor of chips was roasted chicken 😂 that’s France for ya) is a feeling I want to hold on to every day. I photograph the things I love, the things I want to hold on to long after the moment has passed, and I truly love roses.

There was a painting I once saw by Vincent Van Gogh of a large bowl of roses spilling over. I’ve never had such a bouquet of this many of the same flower and it made me think of that painting of abundance (painting is in my stories today) so I thought I’d give it a try. After I started building I realized I needed a few more delicate ’droopy’ roses to dangle down which I foraged off my neighbor’s amazing terrace. (Merci @camycooney @johnbcooney!) @larrosoirparis tells me that variety symbolizes hope. A bowl full of hope, as lovely as the rose. 💓💓💓

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