Rose Month Day Thirty Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 30: The Scent of Rose

I awoke with the sun in Grasse​,​ in Provence, a mountainous landscape that runs into the Mediterranean Sea most famous for being the capital of perfume since the 16th century. Of the many fields of flowers you can discover here from jasmine to tuberose, it is the cottony puffs of pink Rose Centifolia that leave the greatest impression. The entire field is perfumed in rose scent and dancing with color! It is heaven. Thank you @fragonardparfumeurofficiel for allowing me to experience your world, rich in family, history, and artisanship, in Grasse.

They said today would be their last harvest for the perfume rose, a reminder that the end of May is coming and to enjoy the roses one last time.

Special thanks to @fragonardparfumeurofficiel for hosting me and this unforgettable journey with you today into the roses of Grasse.

#RoseMonth smells good

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