Rose Month Day Twenty-nine Small Poster

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Rose Month Day 29

I just adored the way the garden roses looked in this miniature ceramic @astierdevillatte vase on the mantle this morning and took great pleasure in creating this first still life of this set. While I was studying the shapes and light fall, I couldn’t get over that one shining, peachy-pink, full open rose that omitted a glow as if it had golden light illuminating from within. It reminded me of the pink fluttering roses in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. My all-time favorite painting, the golden highlights on the roses are my favorite detail. So, for fun, I set out to try and capture something inspired by those whimsically romantic roses. I’ve never created something like this before (swipe right) but there is something I like about it. It’s the start of an idea I need to continue to explore. Getting down the technical bit before I set myself free to play.

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Green painted backdrop by @iamelisabo

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