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Rose Month Day 20: Enchanted Garden

Upon learning my affection for roses, a French acquaintance asked me if I had visited the “Rose Abbey” not far from my village. My response was something like, “excuse me what?” Not long after, I made the first of many visits to the @jardin_valsaintes

Usually I go in a state of reprieve, a meditative practice, void of noise and distraction instead exchanged for color, scent, and serenity. But today was extraordinary. Walking through the garden, home to now over 500 varieties of roses, with Gardner Jean-Yves who created this magical place 26 years ago brought a whole other layer to the life buzzing and blooming here. He showed me that gardens thrive with a little imagination, a nice variety, and a bit of freedom. When I asked him, “why roses?” The answer was simple, “I thought it would be nice for my friends.” Based on the number of butterflies alone, I’d say your friends are quite happy.

For those interested in more information about the Abbey and tips directly from Jean-Yves on growing roses, see more in stories 🌹

#RoseMonth is a sanctuary

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